Sunday, July 31, 2011


This picture is a little old, as in before Isaac had any teeth, but it is priceless so I had to post it. These days, bath pictures would more likely depict Alex dumping water on Isaac's head or Isaac smacking Alex in the face with a bath toy. Brothers...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Boys & Bunnies

Seeing as how I've yet to blog about Easter, I figured it's still okay to post this picture that has been sitting around my office since April. Isaac, as usual, wanted nothing to do with the furry little monsters, and paid them only enough attention to grab one by its neck and attempt to hurl it as far away from himself as possible. He wanted to do the same thing with the wooden eggs, come to think of it...Needless to say, Alex became The Keeper of the Bunnies and the Eggs, while Isaac's job was to sit still and look cute. Mission accomplished!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Toy to Toy

I uploaded this second video of Alex reading earlier this month and forgot to post it. The novelty on the whole reading thing has since worn off a little, or perhaps laziness has trumped the excitement of being able to read because he just wants me to read to him now. At least I have a couple of videos so I can reminisce about the good ole days.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Isaac... one year, three weeks, and four days old.
...prefers older women.

...loves baby tylenol.
...likes to eat with a fork.

...had his last bottle three weeks ago. *Gulp, sniff.*
...can reach everything that you think is "out of reach".
...uses food as hair products.

...will drink out of any sippy cup.

...can drink out of a straw.
...started Mother's Day Out three weeks ago.
..."lights up the room" according to his Mother's Day Out Teachers. starting to make "Alex faces".
...loves when someone wakes him up from a nap, but hates to wake up to an empty room.
...has fun with friends.

...gets excited and yells "Hi Dad!!" whenever he sees a phone.
...rubs his face when he's tired.

...can stand on his own but has no interest in walking.
...has grown four teeth in the last month. a very busy boy.

...has versatile hair.

...usually chooses to color with crayons rather than chew on them. But not always.

...has taken an interest in books. curious.

...still sleeps a lot.
...still loves his paci and his horsie.

...loves to be outside.

...has the sweetest face. going to cause a lot of trouble. But he's going to do it with a wink and a smile.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beating the heat

We've been beating the heat here in Dallas by consuming lots of hydrogenated corn syrup and artificial flavorings that have been frozen into convenient little pops. Isaac had his first popsicle a few weeks ago, and despite a few instances of brainfreeze and the rancid look on his face in some of the pictures, he does enjoy the cold treat.