Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Roll the blooper reel

The only thing worse than doing a high-pressure photoshoot with one little boy is doing it with two of them. Let's just say I'm not a very nice mommy when forced to pose and primp two tired and freezing cold kids, getting them both to look at me and smile at the same time, and trying to capture a single moment in time with my camera while keeping the little one from tumping over and planting his face into the ground.

This year's Christmas card photoshoot was no exception. And while I never did get the fabulous shot I was hoping for, I got a few that were good enough, and those were the ones that ended up on our Christmas card this year. Et voila.

By now, most of you have received our Christmas card and have already seen these pictures. But what you haven't seen are the many pics that didn't make the cut. Here are my favorite misfit photos (totally untouched, so don't judge me...) straight from the cutting room floor. Enjoy!


...is 6 months and 4 days old.
...is sitting on his own (my favorite milestone, I'm totally psyched).

...sits in a high chair at restaurants (awesome).
...sits in the front of the grocery cart (Praise Jesus).
...still loves a bath.

...has graduated to a big baby bath tub.

...sports a natural faux hawk.

...gagged every time I tried to feed him rice cereal, so I skipped ahead to baby food.

...LOVES baby food and has no problem eating whatever delicious fruit or veggie puree I stick in his face.

...likes to grab for the spoon when I'm feeding him and ends up with more on his face than in his mouth. Perhaps that's why his skin is so perfect.

...enjoyed his first Neiman's Christmas parade this year.

...has the sweetest face on the planet.

...smiles 90% of the time.

...laughs 75% of the time that he's smiling.
...thinks almost everything is funny. Especially his brother's face.
...is big. And heavy. And my arms hurt.
...fits perfectly into 12 month clothes and is quickly moving into size 4 diaper territory.

...would prefer that I feed him, but I'm trying to convince him otherwise.

...still doesn't have any teeth, but still acts like he's gettin' 'em.

...loves to watch people when we are out-and-about, but is really a homebody.
...is very laid back but chock full of energy. If such a thing is possible.
...does not like to cuddle.
...looks like Alex in this picture.

...makes this face most of the time (even when he's not in his high chair):

...doesn't always cooperate at naptime.
...loves to eat paper. And wrapping paper. And paper towels. Did I mention cardboard? The kid would chew on a shoebox all day long.

...loves to play peek-a-boo.
...loves to play with his brother's toys.
...prefers noisy toys that light up and talk.
...is still the sweetest baby ever. I mean ever.

Monday, December 20, 2010