Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thanksgiving '10: A Pictorial

Yes, a pictorial, as in a whole lotta pictures, not a lotta words. When one is a dozen blogposts behind, one can't afford the luxury of providing a play-by-play narration of events. And in fact, I'll only be posting a mere fraction of the 300+ pictures I snapped from Thanksgiving week. The rest I'm gonna dump into a Flickr slideshow and stick at the end of this post for those of you have a lot more spare time on your hands than I do.

So here are a "few" of my faves from our superfun time in Eldo, and maybe just a few words about the highlights from the week.

We discovered that Isaac doesn't travel as well as one might think an "easy" child would. He falls asleep easily but doesn't stay that way, then he ends up all fussy and whiny and fidgety. That said, it could have been a lot worse...

Needless to say, we were all very happy to get to Grammy & Poppa's, and Isaac was very happy to get into jammies and sleep in his pack 'n' play instead of his carseat.

Grammy got the grandkids cute matching turkey shirts. We attempted to get some pictures (excuse the poor lighting due to "flash malfunction", aka "user error"...), starting with one:

Then two:

Things were going pretty well, so we attempted the hat trick:

So far, so good...

Uh oh...we're losing one...

Awwww, one down. It's all fun and games...

...'til a cousin loses an eye.

After gorging ourselves on a Thanksgiving feast, the whole family went outside to enjoy the nice weather and the new trampoline.

As if the trampoline wasn't fun enough, Grammy planned for us to play Minute to Win It, Family Edition.

Now, Alex is a big fan of the show, so when it was time for him to play "Junk in the Trunk", he knew just what to do ("junk" being ping pong balls, "trunk" being an empty kleenex box strapped to your waist, the objective being to remove all of the junk by shaking your trunk).

Friday night, my big boys bundled up and went to watch the El Dorado Wildcats play football. Go Cats!

On Saturday, we attended the annual Evans Family Reunion/Christmas Party. Alex won a head lamp in the gift exchange, which I think is some sort of hunting-related apparatus. I'm not entirely sure what the point of is (perhaps you run around the woods hoping to get a deer caught in your headlight?), but it made an appearance at Show-and-Tell the following week at preschool.

On Sunday morning, sweet cousin Charlee had her baby dedication at Marrable Hill Chapel. Afterwards, we attempted some more family pictures.

Other random activities from the week included eating, Christmas carols, more eating, and good ol' family togetherness.

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momboe said...

OH! How much fun! I swear I am crashing the next Evans party! I love minute to win it. We could do the Evans against the Boettchers!
The picture of Isaac and Tim will be a favorite of all time.
I howled at the Turkey shirt series!
Oh, the good old days trying to get the three of you kids to sit for a picture. Now you know why I treasure the one of all three of your faces together!
Keep posting! I am LOVING it!