Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Taste of Home

We had a fun visit with our friends Katie and Scott the weekend before last. They were heading from Fayetteville to Houston for Thanksgiving and stopped over in Dallas to stay with us for a night. Alex made a beeline for Katie as soon as they stepped in the door and barely let her sit down before he climbed into her lap and thrust a book in her face.

After she read him every book in the house, twice, we distracted him with some M&M's and dragged him off to El Fenix for an authentic Tex-Mex feast.

After Alex went to bed, us grown folk stayed up and played some games that Katie and Scott brought, starting with Bang!, a wild-west themed card game with about a zillion rules that might as well have been in Greek. Having spent ninety percent of the last sixteen months with someone who is only now starting to speak in single syllables has sucked the intelligence right outta me. I'm pretty sure that if you cut open my skull and took a peek inside, you'd find the festering remains of a once healthy and thriving brain, now reduced to a glob of useless mush. I mean seriously, the old synapses just don't fire like they used to...Anyway, I digress. Point is, that game was too hard for me. So we moved on to Guillotine, then to The Great Dalmuti, which by the end of the night, we had renamed "The Great Big Booty". Those two were much easier to learn and so much fun to play, not to mention how nice it was just to be playing games that weren't made by Fisher Price.

Katie and Scott were heading out Monday around 2, so we planned on meeting Timothy at Fedora, a brand new Italian restaurant in Timothy's building, to have lunch before they left. The place had a Godfather sort of theme, with black and white photography and damask upholstery and giant booths designed for lounging and cocktail-sipping and cigar-smoking. We didn't have any cocktails or cigars, but I had the best side salad I've ever tasted, and we had delicious paninis and garlic fries, and we were having a great time until I shared a garlic fry with Alex and he completely freaked out, as if I had fed him french fry soaked in battery acid. He's had garlic plenty of times and it has never bothered him, so we eventually determined that the combination of garlic and salt had irritated his sensitive gums that are currently in the process of birthing two new teeth. Poor baby. So he basically went without lunch until we got home.

Katie and Scott moved on to Houston, Alex moved on to naptime, and I moved on to packing for our trip to Eldo.

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