Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tom Landry Classic '10

We went to the Tom Landry Classic at SMU Stadium again this year and took both boys with us. Highland Park High School was playing this year, which means that there were tons of people and no street parking for miles. After driving circles around the stadium and through the surrounding neighborhoods for half an hour, we found a parking deck directly behind the stadium that had lots of available spots. Oops. We were a little late for the game, but considering my view that football games should end at halftime, I was totally fine with that.

It was super fun to have the boys there, though. Tim had given Alex a defense sign that he had gotten at a Cowboys game and he was totally excited to use it...

...almost as excited as he was about football stadium concessions. I think he ate his weight in popcorn.

I caught Isaac eyeballin' Alex's popcorn, but most of the time he just chilled like the sweet, happy, chill baby he is.

He really loves to play the "air drums", so he perked up when the band came onto the field and daddy helped him rock out.

Alex spent a lot of time counting the numbers on the back of the bleacher seats, which was especially funny (and obnoxious) because he kept climbing on random people in the stands, trying to see what number their seats were. I was really impressed by how long the boys held out. In fact, I was ready to go well before either of them were.

I don't know if you can call something a "tradition" if you've only done it two years in a row, but this is definitely something we look forward to doing every year as the boys get older.


grammy said...

Awww. I remember I went to that last year and we had SOOOO much fun. I like traditions and I think it should continue but next year I'm in. LUV YA - Speaking of football. El Dorado plays Springdale Har Ber in Springdale tonight and guess who's going !!!!!!!!!!!!

Joy said...

um, CUTE. cute cute cute! great pics - loved seeing all the details of alex and isaac's faces. precious boys. love y'all.

Laura said...

Luke is so jealous of Tim going to Cowboys games. Looks like a fun time!