Thursday, May 5, 2011

Isaac... 10 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days old.
...loves to clean up. If he takes something out of a box, he has just as much fun putting it back in.

...bats his friends in the head with his giant bear paws when he's happy to see them.

...usually gets a bath after dinner. For obvious reasons.

...may be gumming his food 'til he's twelve.

...has an infectious smile.

...wails like a tornado siren when he's ticked off.
...has forgotten that he ever couldn't crawl. often standing up in his crib when I come get him after a nap.
...will say "hi"on command. Or when he sees someone worth greeting.
...will eat cereal or goldfish out of a snack trap. Awesome. in the dreaded, "loves to play in the dishwasher when mommy's trying to load it" phase and the "stands up every three seconds in the bathtub" phase. Not awesome.

...has discovered Alex's train table. Things are about to get interesting.
...has turned diaper changing time into an aerobic activity.
...only stays still when he's sleeping. not as innocent as he appears.

...doesn't like to be left alone.
...has twice as much hair now than he did a month ago.
...feeds Murphy from his tray when he's done eating.

...laughs at most things. Even the not funny ones.

...takes 2 naps, goes to bed at 6, and has been sleeping in. Hallelujah!

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vicki said...

My favorite post and pics ever!! Grammy loves you Isaac :)