Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hooray for fall!

Things I like best about the fall:

1. Football weather.
2. Being able to play Christmas music without Tim rolling his eyes.
3. That I can finally melt Scentsy's cool weather scents with a clear conscience.
4. That boys' clothing becomes significantly less ugly.
5. Scarves. Lots of scarves.
6. Boots. And tights. And tights with boots.
7. Pumpkins, and food made from pumpkins.
8. Soup.
9. The smell of wood burning.
10. Christmas lights going up.
11. Visits to the Arboretum.
12. Anticipation of the holiday season.
13. Blankets.
14. Playing outside with the boys.


vicki said...

O my word - I'm speechless !!!!!!

Joy said...

Um, I'm in full agreement of every answer...that is a fabulous list! And ps Isaac has seriously the Ever. The end. xoxo

Laura Williams said...

They have to be two of the cutest boys that I have ever seen!