Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MOPS Easter Egg Hunt 2012

The week before Easter, we attended the annual egg hunt on the front lawn of our church.  The boys arrived with their giant baskets, ready to gather giant amounts of candy-filled eggs.

I don't know if such a thing could actually qualify as a "hunt" seeing as though the eggs are just sitting on the ground, out in the open, not attempting to camouflage themselves or run away into the bushes when the kids came after them.  I think I would liken the experience more to shooting fish in a barrel, but that's just me...

Not that the kids cared.  They just wanted to pile as many eggs as possible into their baskets.  Here's Alex, defiant hand on hip, declaring to his classmate that he had clearly collected more eggs than she had.  Very chivalrous, son.

After a little encouragement, Isaac, too, was eagerly gathering eggs and putting them into his bucket.  Halfway through the hunt, when I was encouraging him to collect the candy that was strewn across the grass, I realized I may have to retrain him to not pick things up off the ground and put them in his mouth...

 Say, "Chocolate!!"

Where's my candy!!??

It was really fun to have Mom and Dad and Rachel at an event like this. More Easter fun to come!

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