Sunday, November 8, 2009

Texas State Fair '09

I can't believe I'm just now getting to this post because it feels like it's been an eternity since this happened...I suppose I should be getting used to that feeling by now...

Anyway, in late October, Bill, Vicki, Mamaw Meador, Chris, and Leah came to Dallas to go with us to the State Fair. Alex gets totally giddy when family is around, and this was no exception.

He was especially excited when Auntie L let him watch Thomas movies on her iPhone....

...and now I can't use my phone in front of him without him yelling, "Watch Thomas movie, please!!"

We went to lunch that morning and then stopped at iheartyogurt for dessert, where we always have to drag A away from the "drums" outside.

After naptime, we got ready for the fair. Parking at the fair is always a bit of a beast, made worse by the fact that there was also an OU v. Texas game going on at the fairgrounds this year, so we decided to park downtown and take the train to Fair Park. Aside from it being practical, we knew A would be psyched about getting to ride the train. And he was.

Alex volunteered to entertain us during the stops with his "funny faces".

We got to the fair and headed to the Kidway to find Alex-appropriate rides, and we decided to start with this hot air balloon ride (think teacups where the teacups have been replaced by hot air balloons). Grammy was the fearless volunteer who agreed to ride with him.

I was so sure that he would love the rides like he did at Six Flags, but I think maybe we should have warmed him up on something a little more tame because he was not feeling the hot air balloons. Their balloon wasn't even spinning and Alex was completely green around the gills. Case in point.

However, when he was done riding, he was super-excited and wanted to ride something else (when I asked him if he wanted to ride the balloons again, I got an adamant, "No thanks!").

So off we went to find something else. We ended up at the bumper cars, which I thought A would love. I mean, cars and bumping into things - if this ride didn't suit Alex perfectly, then nothing would. The minimum height was only 30 inches, so A was more than qualified, and they had a bunch of guys standing around to help out if any of the kids couldn't get their cars moving.

The first time someone bumped into A, he was all, "excuuuuuuuse you!!", but when he realized that the whole point was to bump into people, he was all about it. He kept his car moving a lot more than I thought he would, although he did need to be nudged a couple of times. I'm not sure who had a better time - Alex or those of us watching Alex (re: the background of the pictures above).

Next, we visited the petting zoo and A checked out the monster truck display with Grammy.

We took the train back home and hit the hay, another state fair under our belt.

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