Friday, November 6, 2009


I was really hoping I could redeem myself after Alex's pitifully uncreative cowboy costume, but alas, this just wasn't the year. Don't get me wrong, after many late-night brainstorming sessions, Tim and I had developed several great concepts for potential costumes. It's just that they were all pretty labor-intensive, and I just plain ol' didn't have the time (or the energy) to execute them. I could describe to you just how great those costumes would have been had I taken the time to pull them together, but I think I will keep those ideas under lock and key in the event that I am a little more motivated next year.

In this case, the boring costume actually worked out to our advantage because they were having "Western Attire Day" at MDO. So, once again, we dressed A up in his cowboy gear, and I forced him to stand for a quick photoshoot before heading to the church.

His teachers and friends were pretty impressed by how authentic he looked. Yeehaw!

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Joy said...

cutest lil' cowboy i've ever seen :)