Tuesday, February 23, 2010

abstract art

Wanna know what happens when an orange crayon ends up in the dryer with your son's cotton sheets? Call me. We'll talk about it.


vicki said...

Oh my - I want to see a picture!!!

momboe said...

At least it was a good color.
Hey! Art Sheets are MY idea!
I might have to hire Alex soon so he doesn't become my competition!!!

Take a warm iron and paper towels to try to life out some of the crayon.
Then I think there is a natural product like peanut butter you can use to work the rest of it out.

Grandpa in Peoria said...

where is the artwork?

maewest said...

Try acorns, too. They make nice permanent brown spots that look like chocolate chip imprints but never, ever wash out. Learned later that's why the American Indians boiled acorns to use as DYE.