Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A memorable memorial

We had a very memorable Memorial Day this year. We had planned on sending Alex down to Eldo for the holiday weekend, but when I realized how close to my due date it would be, I panicked about the possibility of him being out of town when his baby brother was born. Clearly there was no cause for concern. Plan B was for Grammy and Poppa to drive up and keep Alex in Dallas for the weekend, and I am so thankful that they were so gracious to offer that option. They rented a hotel room and Alex got to spend the entire weekend doing fun things around town, and Tim and I got some time to finish up things around the house and to go out for dinner and movie without having to worry about A.

My mom arrived Sunday night, so it was nice to spend quality time with her before Alex came back and took over the joint. We all met up at a local park on Monday morning to take A fishing, and I took a zillion pictures, most of which I don't have time to post or write about. So here are a few that should give you the gist, along with a slideshow of the whole adventure.

Grammy and Poppa brought Alex his own pole with a little plastic fish attached to it, and he spent a lot of time practicing his technique in the swimming pool at the hotel. His efforts paid off because the first time he and Poppa cast a chunk of hot dog into the water, a little catfish grabbed it within seconds and Alex reeled it in.

Turns out, Alex was a lot more excited about catching little plastic fish than he was about catching an ugly, slimy catfish. But that didn't stop him from reeling a second one in minutes later...

...and then turning into a big sissy when we suggested that he actually touch it.

When fishing was no longer keeping his interest, he and B ran around the park and watched dogs swim in the water from the bridge.

Here's his impression of how a dog shakes off water.

It was a lot funnier in person...Grammy and Poppa headed home that afternoon, and B has been with us ever since. Not sure that I will have time to blog again before Isaac gets here (although, at this rate, I might have longer than expected), but stay tuned for more about the adventures of A and B.

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