Sunday, June 13, 2010

Status update: in (past) due time

Apparently my children consider a due date to be just a suggestion. That day has come and gone, but little Isaac has battened the hatches and doesn't seem to be shipping out any time soon. Kids seem to have impeccable timing when it comes to picking the most inopportune moments to cause drama, so I keep thinking that if I plan things and go places, he will decide to show up. I mean, my water is most likely to break somewhere that it will splash on some stranger's feet, right? The teenaged bagboy at Tom Thumb would be a good candidate. Time to make my grocery list!

p.s. I love the horrified look on a store clerk's face when she asks when I'm due and I say "yesterday".


maewest said...

Fret not. None of my four came when the dr. or midwife said they should. Blev came nearly three weeks after the forecast due date. I love the name Isaac and am so glad someone in the family decided to use it.

momboe said...

Appreciate the time you have now because it WILL be divided again soon. THESE ARE the good old days...
Can I come hug your belly again?