Monday, February 14, 2011

My funny Valentines

If it weren't for a hacking cough and runny nose that kept him home, Alex would have handed these out at his preschool V-Day party this morning:

Instead, me and my boys spent a leisurely day at home.


vicki said...

Aww Alex, Grammy is so sorry you missed your party and what cute valentines. But if you had gone to your party, I wouldn't have gotten to see such cute boys !!!! Happy Valentine's Day to me - Thanks and I hope you are feeling better. I love ya'll, Grammy - Hugs and Kisses

momboe said...

Alex's eyes show his health even though his mouth is smiling:(
What a trooper.
I love how the boys play together.
I think Isaac sticking his tongue out is actually him telling us how he feels about having his picture taken a thousand times! HA!
Get used to it little buddy!
Happy Valentines Day!

Joy said...

omg, LOVE your valentines! you're crazy amazing.