Sunday, February 13, 2011

Return of the Primms

The Primms came for another visit back in January, and this time, Alex was completely unburned and unblistered and without catastrophic injury of any kind. Off to a good start!

Seth had gotten Joy tickets to see Jim Brickman and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra for her birthday, which meant we got to hang out with Oliver and Sullivan all night while their parents were out on the town. But not without having a light saber fight in the backyard first.

Once the boys had defeated {insert favorite Star Wars bad guy here}, we spent the rest of the afternoon playing inside.

Then we sent the gorgeous 'rents off for their fun evening.

The plan was to feed the boys dinner, let them decorate brownies for dessert, then give them baths and put them to bed. What I didn't realize is that brownies take forever to bake, so we improvised. The boys decorated their brownies, had baths while the brownies were cooking, then they ate the brownies in their underwear so they wouldn't get chocolate on their jammies.

And then the strangest thing happened...after feeding the boys fudgey, chocolatey brownies topped with handfuls of sugary candy, they started to act really goofy.

Somehow we got them all to go to bed shortly after dessert. Thank goodness for sugar crashes! Their visit ended too soon, and now we are planning a road trip to NWA. Be afraid, Primms! Be very afraid!!


vicki said...

Goofy I should say but what fun, fun memories !!! (Gee, I have just got to make time to find those pics of Timothy and Seth in the bath tub :). I think I'm getting a headache. I must go home. See ya

Joy said...

Yay, what a fun post!! I will likely link to it from my blog, as you are the one that took all the great pics!! We LOVED visiting you guys, and miss you!! And don't you worry...we're not afraid...get your boutee's up here!!! xoxo

momboe said...

ahahahaha.aa.aa.a.GREAT blog!
So much fun to see!