Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Day Out with Thomas

*This post has been a loooong time coming (3+ months), so to preemptively answer your question, no, Isaac is NOT still in his helmet.*

Alex is going on 4 now, and his train obsession that began around the age of 2 is still going strong. Like, he seriously knows everything about trains. He can tell you how trains "couple" together, how the coal heats water and turns it into steam to make the train go, he knows when a train should pull off into a siding and when the station master needs to "change the points". It's unhealthy, really. And while the responsible thing would probably be to stage an intervention, we decided to enable his addiction by taking him to the Day Out with Thomas in Grapevine, TX. Well, technically, Grammy is to blame since she planned the day and bought the tickets.

We didn't tell Alex where we were going, so he was in the dark right up until we walked through the gates. He started to piece things together as he looked around and saw all of the Thomas-y stuff.

Then we shared the news that he was going to get to ride on Thomas, and he just about peed himself with excitement. We had to wait in line for a little while, but both boys were very patient.

The look on Alex's face when Thomas pulled up to the station was priceless.

All aboard!

Here are a couple of videos from the ride.

And what do you do after a ride with Thomas the Tank Engine? Get tats to prove it.

I told Alex that this better be the first and last time he gets a matching tattoo with his grandma.

Alex decided Isaac needed one, too.

A few photo ops and a stop at the gift shop later, our day out with Thomas concluded. Until next year...unless, by some miracle, Alex finds a new hobby...


vicki said...

Awwww. It was sooooo much fun - I want to go back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Williams said...

That looked really fun! Sometime if you are visiting Illinois you should check out the train museum in Monticello

I was going to take the girls to the Polar Express ride this year but it is already sold out. I will have to check into it earlier next year.

Patti Zantout said...

Oh my, that looked like so much fun, Jamil would just love that. The two boys look so cute and for the first time I can see that Alex is beginning to look more like Tim. Love, hugs & kisses to all of you, as Jamil would say! Mimi