Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Isaac... eleven months, two weeks, and one day old.
...adores his daddy.

...won't have to gum his wedding cake. His upper left and lower right teeth have finally busted through, and their counterparts will likely follow.

...does not like dogs unless they are of the stuffed and inanimate variety.
...crawls and cruises.
...requires his blankie, paci, and horsie at bedtime.
...loves to draw on a Magnadoodle. a good sharer.

...often hears, "Ay que lindo!" spoken in his direction when we're in public.

...likes to play in the toilet. Specifically, he likes to throw the toilet paper roll into the potty and fish it back out again. Luckily he also likes to rummage through the cleaning products, so it all works out. not fond of hats. Ironic since he spent a quarter of his life wearing a helmet.

...will chew on anything.

...has an unorthodox bottle-holding method.

...holds long conversations, although I have no idea what he's saying.
...has good hair. That makes one of us.

...loves to eat. Just put his food on his tray and back away slowly, or you're liable to lose a hand.
...eats the same things his brother does, which means one less meal for mama to make.

...has been introduced to baby gates. Doesn't love 'em.

...likes to turn his bottle upside-down and watch the contents drip out.
...can stack blocks.
...claps on command. high fives.
...loves a nice, sunny day.

...will be golden brown this summer, despite multiple layers of 50 spf sunscreen.

...and his brother will soon be conspiring against me.

...wishes his baby swing would go higher.

...hollers loudly and often, mostly just for the fun of it.

...hasn't gotten the devoted nightly reading time his brother always has, mostly because he'd rather sleep than read. Planning to remedy that soon... so full of joy that it often overflows and spills out of his face.

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vicki said...

Grammy is coming to get you and Alex !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!