Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008, Volume 4

We avoided the insanity that is the El Dorado Walmart at 5am on Black Friday and instead, Bill dropped Vicki and I off on the square so we could check out the sales at Expressions, the baby boutique where Cousin Ashley works. Grammy got Alex some really cute clothes that he will be able to wear next fall, and I got some random baby toys that I have no need for. I guess I should think about getting a baby to go with them. Anyway, Alex was still sleeping when we left, so he stayed at the house with his daddy while Bill, Vicki, and I ran around town. It was really nice to have some fun grown-up time and not have to worry about what Alex was doing, although I was also looking forward to getting back home to see him.

A was a little moody, as to be expected since he was up three hours past his bedtime, but he quickly perked up when Poppa helped him saddle up Wonderhorse.

It was going to be a busy afternoon because we had planned on hosting the annual Eldo Alum reunion since the Cheshiers and the Primms were going to be in town, and if you know Vicki, you know she likes to do things up right. Since our lives all revolve around our kids' schedules, we suggested that everyone come over after naptimes, around 3:30 or 4. Of course, my child who was making up for the previous night's lack of sleep, napped for over three and a half hours and was "fashionably late" for the party. And by "fashionably", I mean it took him an extra ten minutes of rolling around in his pack 'n' play to create a realistic-looking "bedhead" hairdo.

This year's turn out wasn't quite as good as last year's (in terms of quantity, not quality), but we were so excited to see the Cheshiers and the Primms and the new additions to their families.

The kids had a great time playing together, with the exception of when we stuck poor Sadie in the rocking horse with Alex. I told you he can come on a little strong, and some girls just don't appreciate such bravado.

She was much happier when she got to ride the horse without that icky boy cramping her style.

We haven't seen "little" Sullivan since he was born, so we were psyched to get to play with him. What a sweet baby with the sweetest disposition. In fact, I think if I had to describe Sullivan in two words, they would be "sweet" and "squishy". And while Sullivan might not appreciate having been described as "squishy" years from now, when he is an athletic and fit teenager, I think that is one of the best qualities a baby can have.

Even mom-to-be Amber got her baby fix with Sullivan. She's a natural!

Grrr, I'm kicking myself for having gotten this picture...

...without getting one of Oliver, Alex, and Ethan together. Hindsight is 20/20, isn't it? We did get one of everyone, however. Sigh, sniff, why can't we all live closer to each other?

To be continued...

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Amy said...

I don't even live there and I'm homesick for everyone! OH! That is what holidays are all about. I love love love the picture of the guys together and Sarah, you are right. Too bad you didn't get one of the kids. Usually I would give you the -There is always another chance speech but you know how I feel about pictures. You know what an over achiever you are? You are going to surpass my picture obsession by miles by THIS year. Remember how I always wanted the picture of the three of you kids together. Now you understand, don't ya?
Loving the blogg fest. Granny B