Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008, Volume 5

Phewww, I feel like I'm in mile twenty of a blogging marathon. That I didn't train for.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we usually attend the Evans Family Christmas Party hosted by our very own Aunt Sylvia. This year, the party was in a different location than where we have gone in the past, so we didn't really know what to expect. It started at 11, and I was a little worried that it would interfere with Alex's naptime, that he'd get sleepy and whiny and wouldn't have anywhere to lie down. Yeah, I'm not very laid back when it comes to things like that because I know my kid needs his sleep or he turns into a little beast, but we decided to just wing it and worry about it when the time came.

Of course the very first thing that Alex discovered when we got there was the cute little girl in the room, another third or fourth cousin twice-removed, I think. And seriously, I'm not trying to paint Alex out to be some kind of ladies' man (although, if the shoe fits...). He really does gravitate towards pretty girls and starts to show off, which I think is hilarious and good fodder for blogging. He ran right over to her and does what he always does when he wants to impress a girl, which is to start pointing at things and saying, "This! This!" I don't really understand his strategy, and I'm not really sure what he thinks he's accomplishing, but this girl thought it was funny.

When he had used up all of his moves, he discovered the next best thing to a cute girl - stuff with buttons. He laid eyes on this radio from across the room and spent the next ten minutes turning it on and off and changing the channels. I guess he thought this party needed a DJ.

Before long, a whole new slew of girls came flooding in, and some of those girls discovered that the fellowship hall was attached to a big gymnasium, and inside that big gymnasium was a big plastic playhouse perfect for Alex-sized people.

Of course, we made the grave mistake of letting Alex play before lunch, which meant that we had to drag him away from the big plastic playhouse so that he could eat. And these days, he'd much rather play than eat, so it took some major convincing. Eventually, we succeeded, and we all had a couple bites of some really good food.

Then it was back to the gym for more fun.

We managed to get most of the kids together for some pictures, and as much as I'd love to tell you who all of these girls are and how they are related to us, I'm afraid I'm just not up for the challenge. And while these pics might seem redundant, what you can't see is that, while I was taking the pictures, Alex was shoving poor Anna down the slide in front of him. Of course, she was a good sport about it, and we all had a laugh.

Every year, we also play Dirty Santa, but by the time the game was starting, Alex was all snuggled up in Grammy's arms and was fading quick. Timothy took one for the team and whisked Alex off to the house so that he could get a good nap in his bed instead of trying to sleep in someone's arms at the party. I know, I know, could I be more controlling or neurotic? Actually, I prefer to think that I am just trying to do what's best for my kid, and what's best is for him to get good sleep so that he doesn't turn into a little beast and drive me crazy.

When we got back and Alex woke up from his nap, he perfected his rendition of Beethoven's 5th while we made dinner.

We spent the rest of that evening assembling invitations for Leah's wedding. Even the boys pitched in and folded cards.

Eventually, we determined that we needed to recruit some more troops if we were going to get the invitations done before it was time to have the wedding.

By midnight, we were so tired and slap-happy that we were probably doing more harm than good, so we called it a night. After a good night's sleep, we spent Sunday morning at church, came back to the house and had pizza, then headed back to Dallas. Another great Thanksgiving under our belts and time to start planning for Christmas.

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