Saturday, January 24, 2009

Leah's Wedding: home & helpers

You might be wondering what Alex was doing all week while Grammy and I were otherwise occupied with wedding-related tasks. Sure, Grammy got her hands on him as much as possible, but sometimes it's just easier to get things done when you don't have a toddler clinging to the rear of your pants. Go figure. So at naptime and at those times when being productive was not an option, Grammy found reliable volunteers to watch him in the church nursery or at home. Luckily there is an abundance of trustworthy kidsitters in Eldo, including the Mamaws, church friends, and nursery workers, who were willing to help out.

When he wasn't being "sat", he was playing in the gym, helping us clean, moving tables and chairs, providing the entertainment, and playing with Tinsley the flower girl, with whom he had undeniable chemistry.
In the few minutes of free time we had between decorating, errand-running, ribbon-tying, gift-wrapping, and gym-draping, we spent time goofing off around the house. Or at least Alex did.

We did allow ourselves a meal now and then, and on this particular day, we went to Good Times Grill for lunch, where I ordered Alex a corn dog off the kids' menu.

The kids' menu. Call me crazy, but isn't the kids' menu supposed to have smaller portions, you know, for kids? What kind of kid eats an entire foot of corn dog at one sitting, not to mention the mound of fries and cold beverage that accompany it? According to Leah, the answer is, "Kids from Arkansas". My question is, if this is what they're feeding the kids, what on earth does the "adult-sized" corn dog look like?

Anyway, I am posting another slideshow because, for some reason, it has become a nightmare to post pics to Blogger. They don't move where I want them to go, they don't blow up when you click on them, etc., etc. This set includes a little of this and that, Alex stuff mixed in with pics of us and our helpers completing some of the aforementioned wedding tasks, with a few other random things thrown in. I'll try to label them in Flickr when/if time permits, so please check back later if you want more details about our fun week.

Sidenote: Sometime before or after the pictures of Alex playing baseball were taken, A smacked the ball hard and hit a line drive directly into Auntie Leah's eyeball. He didn't really feel as bad about it as he should have, considering it would have been his fault if Auntie Leah had to wear an eyepatch to her wedding. Luckily she made a full recovery and the eyepatch wasn't necessary. Although I would have been more than willing to glue white beads and lace to it if it had been. That could have totally saved her money on accessories, anyway. I mean, who needs earrings when you have a bedazzled eyepatch?

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