Thursday, January 29, 2009

A big pain in the ear

A has been super high-maintenance this week, and I have been exhausted trying to "maintain" him, hence the lack of recent blog posts. I was blaming his extreme moodiness, lack of appetite, and bad napping on his teeth, despite the fact that his last four are mostly in, with the exception of his 2-year molars. I considered checking if said molars were the issue, but to stick my finger into that bear trap would surely leave me a digit short (more on that later), so I just assumed that was the case. But after a mostly sleepless night for both of us, followed by a fever and the discovery of crusty yellow gunk around his left ear canal in the morning, I knew I needed to get him to the doc asap to get antibiotics for yet another ear infection.

And sure enough, the doc found an infection in his right and couldn't see through the gunk in the left to make a visual confirmation, but all the signs pointed to infection and possible perforation of that eardrum, as well. Poor baby!

So I started him on his antibiotics and have kept him drugged up on Motrin and Tylenol, and he has been in good spirits, excepting when he woke up from his nap after thirty minutes and was a total mess. Luckily, he was willing to lie next to me in my bed and went back to sleep for over an hour before waking up in a decidedly better mood.

So, I guess we'll just wait and see what tonight holds. Keep your fingers crossed.


Amy said...

After just living through such a thing myself there is absolutely no way to express just how miserable this little guy is so spoil that little darlin' all ya can. Forget about making dinner or putting on makeup. Just rest up the best you can while he is and spend as much time standing on the bathroom toilet with him with the hot shower running full tilt.
I'll keep a happy thought for both of you. Kiss noise,
Granny B

Joy said...

Poor Alex :( I'm sorry Sarah, I know that has got to be so stressful. Sending hugs and kisses to you all.

Chatter said...

I am so sorry. I hear ear infections are terrible. Either we have totally lucked out in that department or I'm not very in tune to my kids needs. But I think we've been fortunate. Hugs & kisses for the little guy and sending R&R to mama. hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hey make sure you take care of him otherwise we will end up with more family pictures of little boys with jock straps looking bandages wrapped around their heads-right Nick!?! Suza