Monday, February 2, 2009

A breath of fresh air

So A is well on his way to a full recovery from his ear infection, and to celebrate his improved state of health, we decided to take advantage of the nice weather we've been having and went outside to play yesterday. Not to rub it into our northerly neighbors or anything, but after his nap, A and I went out in shorts, t-shirts, and bare feet and ran around in the grass and the sunshine. In February. In fact, we even broke out the sprinkler and watered the (icky, brown, prickly) lawn, and yeah, I might've watered Alex a little, too.

He wasn't really crazy about being assaulted by the sprinkler, mostly, I think, because he was completely blindsided when the water shot out. Of course, it didn't help that the water was freezing.

He ran around some more to dry off, tried to "calm the waters" with his hands, and played with our pumpkins (that have camped out on the porch since Halloween but are still too pretty to throw away).

A trip outside isn't complete without a little round of one-on-none tennis, Alex's new favorite sport. He adores watching tennis on TV and will run forward and pretend to hit a ball at the net (complete with Monica Seles-like grunt), then race backwards to receive the next hit. When he tries to play with actual racket and ball in hand, it turns into a round of golf rather than a tennis match.

The fun had to come to an end because Tim was going to be home soon and I hadn't even thought about dinner. So we headed inside for the night, but are looking forward to many more warm days.


Chatter said...

I can't believe it was that warm. That's just crazy. Enjoy the weather! Glad A is feeling better.

grammy said...

Hey Alex, glad to know you have taken up tennis. Grammy used to play doubles so gather your friends and I'll replace the strings on my racket. See you soon !!!!!!!!!!