Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A new 'do

While A is feeling much better, he still has those moments that make me want to rip my hair out, and instead of giving him the pleasure of rendering me bald with his booger-like behavior, I decided to beat him to the punch and cut it all off myself. Well, not myself myself. I paid my stylist (way too much, in my opinion) to do it for me, and for the first hour after I got it done, I sort of had a breakdown and wished that I had in fact done it myself myself. Then I remembered that I always hate my hair after I get it cut, or rather, the way it is styled, and that I am never pleased until I wash it and style it myself. So I washed it and styled it and yeah, now I feel much better (although I forgot I had bobby pins in when I took the pictures, a style I usually reserve for when I'm cleaning or sitting around the house working out).

I can even wear it curly, which is awesome because I can sleep on it wet and barely have to touch it in the morning. How's that for low-maintenance?

Anyhoo, I feel like a goober posting self-portraits, but my family doesn't get to see me much if not on the blog. Plus, if I don't post pics of myself every now and then, one day I will look back and wonder what I looked like.


leah said...

Hey I got my hair cut Friday and it looks almost JUST like that :) hehehe CUTE CUTE CUTE

Amy said...

Sarah, adorable as always. You really should post pictures of yourself more often because you and the kids will wonder. Did you ever notice the only pictures of me while you guys were little were preggo pictures? Don't let that happen to you! Click away sista! I need pictures of you CRAFTING!!! That way I'll know I brought you up right! hahahaa.a.a.a..

Joy said...

love it, sarah!!

Chatter said...

It looks great. I really like it curly. I wish my hair had natural curl. Enjoy the new cut, I need to do something with mine.


Jennifer Legg (the mommy) said...

cute cute!