Saturday, February 14, 2009


In honor of Valentine's Day, Alex came home from school on Friday with some V-day inspired artwork and treats, as well as a Valentine's card from his teachers. When I realized that I had sent him to school on the day before Valentine's Day without cards for his classmates and teachers, I felt like a total loser and still get a little sick to my stomach thinking about it. I am a total stickler for the over-celebration of holidays, and I am completely ashamed that I dropped the ball. I suppose I will have to make up for it next year by baking personalized Red Velvet Cakes for each of his classmates and teachers and deliver them to his class dressed as Cupid (shirtless and diapered). I think that should take everyone's mind off of this year's debaucle.

Alex was unaffected by my blunder (plus he didn't come home with any Valentines from classmates, so apparently other moms forgot, too), and he was very excited to show me his artwork and share his cookie. The heart-shaped lollipop, however, was off-limits.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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