Friday, February 6, 2009

out with the old

In an effort to watch less (no) TV while A and I are home during the week, we have recently revamped the playroom, boxed up most of Alex's old toys (which, of course, made those toys exponentially more interesting than when they were just sitting around his playroom), and hit Toys 'R' Us to spend some of his Christmas money on new "big boy" stuff. We ended up getting an inflatable ball pit with a zillion extra balls and a big foam mat so that if when he falls off of his slide, he won't bust his head on the tile floor.

Here are some pics of
the new and improved playroom, and a few of A in action.

p.s. I don't remember why he is half naked. I'm sure there's a good reason...


Amy said...

Why is he half naked....because he CAN be! I want to come play in the balls with Alex! I wanted to get that for him for Christmas but I didn't think you could fit it all in to take it home. I'm so happy you go it for him.

Chatter said...

I love organizing and having things clean. The toy room looks great. Those foam floors are wonderful!