Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I haven't talked much about the specific things Alex got for Christmas, aside from his Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve presents from the Eldo gang, which is a shame because he got loads of sweet stuff. Everyone decided that this year we would all be a little more frugal when it came to buying Christmas presents, and this year, everyone lied their pants off and spent way too much on toys and clothes and books and flashy noisy things. Not to mention all the stuff they bought for Alex. Happy Feet and a Jack-in-the-Box from Uncle Nick, tons of art supplies from Aunt Rach, a punching bag and gloves, a Socker Bopper, a Big Wheels trike, a custom art desk, puzzles, games, movies, books, etc., etc., from Granny and Grampa B, and tons more great stuff from Grammy and Poppa, including Ratatouille and another sock 'n' bop inflato-toy. The extended family went all out as well and gave him books and puppets and clothes and shopping sprees to Toys 'R' Us. I'd call him spoiled if he weren't so deserving.

Besides, even if no one else was going to spoil him, I still would. I tend to go a little bit...a lot bit overboard when it comes to gift-giving, so we decided that, this year, we would get Alex one big gift to open when Tim's folks were here, then a couple of smaller ones to open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, otherwise our mortgage would likely end up under the Christmas tree. The "big" gift, of course, was his motorized Star Wars vehicle, and I use the word "big" loosely because one of his "small" gifts cost a dollar less than that did. Hey, I followed the rules. Barely.

The smaller gift of which I speak is called KidiJamz Studio, this crazy fun DJ station with a million buttons and kids' songs that can be played in a variety of styles, including rock, hip hop, jazz, and reggae...a keyboard...a working microphone with two voice effects! and a mini-turnable to scratch records!! and a detachable "MP3 player" that he can use to record his own music!!! and headphones so he can listen to his own music on the fly!!!!! AND...and I'm totally geeking out about this toy because what noise-making, button-loving kid wouldn't love a totally wicked awesome toy like this!!??

And Alex is such a good boy for either loving it, or at least feigning love so that I wouldn't be disappointed. It is dawning on me as I write this post that a video would be the most appropriate method for showing DJ Dirrrty Drawz in action, but all I have for now are these pics. I'll see what I can do about a video, but hopefully these pics will be enough to get you in the groove.

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Amy said...

OH, I love the pictures of him jammin' to his own tunes! Did he plug in that headset on his own. That is amazing. I'm working on the oversized everything for 4 year olds cause I don't have the dexterity I need and he is doing micro brain surgery while dancin' his dirty drawers off!
I can't wait to come see you!
Granny B