Saturday, September 19, 2009

D&B, Eldo style

At some point in the recent past - I think it was two weekends ago - a big crew from Eldo came up to Dallas to go to Six Flags and shop and do other fun Dallas-y stuff, so we met up with them at Dave & Busters on Saturday night to have dinner and blow some money in the arcade.

I don't know if you know this, but Alex loves attention and really thrives when thrown into situations where lots of people are involved. He had a ball at dinner, being goofy and entertaining the masses with his lemon-eating and nonsense-spewing and other generally adorable behavior. He ate more chips than anyone at the table. Seriously. I kid you not, ask anyone there. The waiter refilled his basket twice, and every minute or so, Alex could be heard hollering for "mo' guacamole!"





Alex would have been completely satisfied had dinner been the main event that evening, so when he found out that the restaurant was at an arcade, well let's just say he probably would have skipped chip-eating altogether had he known there were arcade games to be played. He loved playing Wack-a-mole with his dad, coin games with his Poppa, and riding a bike with his Grammy.











Little did he know, we would be on to bigger and better things the next day. In fact, little did I know, either...

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Granny B said...

Oh I love Whack a MOLE!!! I am so so homesick for you guys. There has GOT to be a way to get together more often than this.
That's it! I'm calling Warren Buffet Right NOW and borrowing one of his planes.