Wednesday, September 9, 2009


No one is more excited about college football season than my darling husband, so when Grammy visited the weekend before last, we decided to "kick off" football season by going to see a high school football game at SMU's stadium. High school football in Texas is sort of a big deal (remember Varsity Blues?), so we figured this game would tide us over until we make it to a college game. Plus, with it being just $10 a ticket, we could leave when Alex...or antsy. Seriously, if the game ended after the halftime show, football would be the best sport ever...






Alex did really well and had a great time, although I'm not sure he even noticed that a game was going on. We had great seats close to the field, but it was really hard for him to follow the ball, so he just ate a lot of snacks and cheered and listened to the band.







His favorite part, by far, was when the whole audience around us would cheer after their team scored a touchdown. He LOVED that part, and he stood up and screamed and clapped along with them.




We also brought his camera that Aunt Rach got him for his birthday because he is all about taking pictures these days. I'd love to show you the pictures he took, but his camera is m.i.a. at the moment...I promise to post some of his pics when we find it.



Eventually, he started to get antsy, and while he would have been perfectly happy to wander around the stadium, climbing the stairs and talking to strangers, we didn't think that was such a great idea.


I think we lasted until the end of the third quarter, then headed home for dinner. Overall, he did a great job staying in one place, so we are definitely planning on taking him to more games this season. He's been working on his Razorback Fight Song, and he can "call the Hogs" like a pro. Hopefully he will get a chance to show his spirit soon!


Grandpa in Peoria said...

Amazing. More people attend a daytime high school football game in Dallas than a semi-pro football game at night, inside, for less money, in Peoria. Our af2 league Pirates team is no more, due to lack of funding. Having played some high school football, I may have played longer if I could've played under those circumstances. BTW, Illini look shakey this year, Are we now Razorbacks and closet Illini supporters?

Granny B said...

Alex has the hat to go to the Razorback games! Oh, and the nose too thank to Poppo!!! Can't wait to see THOSE pictures!! Go Suuuuiiiieee PiG!!! (Am I close)

Joy said...

omgoodness, CUTE pictures!!! alex is so stinkin' darling. i miss you guys!!! he looks so old in these pictures. love the hat and the camera. we need to see you soon. maybe another trip to d-town is in order this Fall...