Saturday, September 12, 2009


So here are some of Alex's pictures, as promised. The flash is not so great, so once I weeded out all of the ones that were completely washed out or completely black, this is what was left. I think my favorite is the one where he caught Murphy trying to eat his breakfast bar off of the side table, which I was completely unaware of until I uploaded the picture. BUSTED. I also love the one of Alex and I, although technically that's not an Alex pic since Tim took it. Enjoy!


Rachel said...

Yay! My nephew has a good eye. Of course, I'm not surprised, he has a good everything. I'm really glad he's using his present though. I wasn't sure he'd get the idea considering he is so young. But I shouldn't be surprised, considering his above average intelligence, and my sisters constant picture taking. I should have known he would catch on like a pro.

Granny B said...

Okay...was Alex standing ON top of the TV to take the picture of the train table or did he have help with that? I love to see what Alex thinks is worth taking a picture of. His family and dog, train set, guitar...
Yep, he's on the right track. I think I see a little Rachel technique in there. Better watch out. What goes around comes around!! He'll be taking pictures of YOU every 10 seconds!
I'll love it!