Tuesday, December 8, 2009

November '09

Um, so yeah, I do realize that the last thing I posted was titled October '09, and that the title of this post is November '09, which implies that it has been a month since I posted. However, I didn't actually post the aforementioned October post until November 20th, and being that it is only December 8th and I am writing about November, I'd say that puts me ahead of the game now, doesn't it?

The biggest news of November is that we have grass!! Yes, our landlord agreed to sod and sprinkler our yard, and we are now the proud owners of a backyard that has 100% grass, as opposed to the 0% grass yard we used to have. Alex loves to run around outside and now I can keep him contained while he does it. He loves to play soccer with Murphy (who is a pretty good defender, I must say) and shoot hoops.

A few weeks ago, the leaves fell off our trees, and A totally took advantage.

It's been a little cold lately, so we haven't been outside quite as much. A usually ends up inside doing puzzles, playing with assorted train paraphernalia, or insisting I read to him. I had intended to list his "favorites" of the month like I had done in past posts, but I haven't kept track of them like I wanted to, and to try to recall everything he's done over the past month in the next couple of minutes is a little more than I feel like taking on right now...sorry.

I will say that, in general, he is super fun and talks almost non-stop most days. He tells a lot of stories, usually involving trains of some sort. He obsesses over things he sees out the car window - in October, it was pumpkins, and in November, it was large vehicles of any kind. His favorites are diggers (excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, he knows them all), school buses, and fire trucks. If we pass by a digger, he will point it out, and then he will ask, "Where'd the digger go?" He will then insist that I "find another digger!!" This month, it seems that anything Christmas-related will be the flavor.

He's gotten to be pretty bossy, and we had a couple weeks this month where I was pretty sure the bodysnatchers had shown up and replaced my sweet two year old with a bratty and disrespectin' teenager. His response to most of my requests was, "No way!!" to which I was all, "No you di-in't!!" He spent many two and a half minute increments in time out last month, and when he wasn't actually in time out, he was being threatened with it.

Of course, we celebrated Thanksgiving this month by making the 14 hour drive to Peoria, but I'll save that story for another day so I can publish this post before November '10. I think that about covers it for now.


Molly & John Telford said...

you are a very good photographer! love these pics

Chatter said...

Ahhh the sassing. I remember those days and now I'm reliving them with Biruk. If Conner is any indication of the talking back it starts around 2 and it will continue to the late 3's. Conner and I now have an understanding and his response now when he knows he's wrong is "I'm sorry mom, you are right". We'll see how long it last. But Biruk has stepped up to the plate and loves to now say "No mom. No dad." So the timeouts have now gone into effect for him (and of course the repeated threats :).

A is getting so big and the pictures are beautiful. I love the one where he is covered with leaves (he's laying on the ground) and he has the cutest little smirk. It reminded me of his younger days. Hope life slows down for you and you guys are enjoying the Christmas holiday!

Joy said...

YAY FOR GRASS!!! So excited for you!! You're just not even going to know what hit you this spring/summer when you guys can actually play in your backyard without taking a mud-bath!! So awesome. And yes, your pictures are gorgeous. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Leah Riley said...

Oh mam!! I can't wait to see that little booger!!!he's gonna make aunt leah feel much better =)