Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas '09: Mamaw's House

On Christmas evening, we went to Mamaw's to celebrate with the Meador family. We knew Alex would have fun because his cousins Macey, Colton, and Davis would be there. He ran up to Macey right away and took a seat next to her on the footstool. After that, they did puzzles together and shared some dessert. Colton showed Alex a game on his Nintendo DS (or whatever newfangled device kids are playing with these days), and Alex created a laser light show with flashlights (go figure) to entertain Davis.

When he wasn't entertaining or being entertained by the other kids, he played with his trains. This kid is so predictable.

We did our gift exchange after that, and Timothy got this very becoming Razorback-themed Snuggie, along with coordinating plush Razorback, from his cousin Jeremy.

Of course, no Christmas is complete without a Christmas story, so Mamaw read a little out of her Norman Rockwell Christmas book.

We were all pretty beat by that point, stuffed to the gills with delicious homemade food and ready to climb into bed and sleep off the day's food and fun.

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Leah Riley said...

All these Christmas posts and not a single picture of Aunt Leah! What is up?! Youd think I wasnt around or something =) Although Im sure I looked fairly rough in any that you might have had of me and would rather them not be posted! Guess you can make up for it next weekend!