Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas '09: Christmas Eve

So clearly blogging isn't at the top of my priority list these days. I'm going to try to eke out a quick Christmas post, mostly consisting of pictures, before I doze off and plant my face directly into my keyboard.

We spent this Christmas in Eldo. Alex and I went down on the Sunday before Christmas and Tim came down later that week, on Wednesday afternoon. Alex and I had lots of fun in the meantime, going to Candlelight Communion at MHC, cooking with Grammy, and playing with Grammy's Christmas decorations. Alex loved Grammy's plush Christmas characters. In particular, he loved lining them up and then knocking them over. Not sure what this says about Alex except maybe that he was hoping to find coal in his stocking.

He attempted to redeem himself by making up with Santa and offering a big hug.

His favorite thing, by far, was the snowman that sang Christmas songs and played the piano. He played it over and over and danced and sang to the music.

He also thought that "Frosty" needed a large audience to play for, so he would line the other toys up to listen. Here he is helping Santa get a closer look.

Grammy was glad that Alex enjoyed her decor.

Alex found this fun red ladder that he pretended was a railroad track to run his train cars on.

Too bad he stole it from the elves that were using it to climb into Grammy's Christmas tree. Poor elves.

There was no shortage of good food at Grammy's house.

When I asked Alex if there was anything Grammy needed to get for him before we got there, he said "pumpkin pie". Mamaw Meador made him his very own "pumpkin pie" (which was actually pumpkin-flavored pudding in a pie crust topped with whipped cream). A definitely got his pumpkin fix with that number.

Not that all of these great things came without a price. Grammy made us earn our keep by helping out around the kitchen. Alex helped her make some Chex mix...

...and we helped Grammy bake and decorate a cake shaped like snowy mountains with a train running around the bottom.

To burn off all those calories, Alex cut a rug with Mamaw Meador.

His favorite part was falling on the ground. He thought he was so funny. Then it was Grammy's turn.

Then it was time for a solo performance.

On Christmas Eve, we got together with the gang from MHC and went caroling. Alex made a bold fashion statement with these edgy Santa-head deely-boppers. You may call them "dorky" - we are calling them "fashion-forward".

That evening, Mamaw Meador came over bearing gifts. A was very excited about his Gator Golf.

After presents, we baked some cookies for Santa. I had planned on making some from scratch, but Alex picked out some Toll House Ultimate Turtle Cookies when we were at the grocery store. I have a feeling Santa isn't too picky about such things.

Somehow we managed to distract A from the cookies long enough to get his jammies on and get him ready for bed. Tim and I read him Christmas stories before bedtime, including The Night Before Christmas, The Polar Express, and a kids' version of the Christmas story from the Bible. It wasn't too hard to get him to sleep once we told him Santa couldn't bring presents if he was still awake. I wanted Santa to bring me presents, too, so I went to bed shortly after that. Christmas morning came way too early - I think I woke up around 4 and couldn't fall back asleep, maybe because I was anxious for Alex to see what Santa had brought him. Had I known then what I know now, I think perhaps I would have slept in. More on that later...

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