Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas with classmates

Before Christmas break, Alex's teachers had a little party for his MDO class. We have a great room mother who coordinated everything and arranged to have parents bring treats and games. It is always fun to see Alex in his school environment with his classmates. The kids all had snacks, then broke off to play (that's Alex and his friend Olivia playing with the Little People Nativity Set), and then we attempted to get a group picture of the whole class, which is always a challenge when a dozen two year olds are involved. Alex, however, sat right down and crossed his legs like his teacher instructed, and when the teachers sang songs to get the kids to calm down, Alex slapped his hands onto his legs and sang along.

The last day of MDO was Friday, December 18th, so A will have been out of school for three weeks before he goes back on Tuesday. I'm hoping it will be a smooth transition back into our normal routine - Mommy loves her Day's Out!

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