Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Bunnies

Grammy came up a couple weekends ago and we took A to have his picture taken with the "Easter bunnies". He was a little more reluctant this year than last year, not in terms of holding the bunnies, but more so about having some strange man maneuver him around a big stage, with bright lights shining in his face and large pieces of machinery bearing down on him from every direction. From his vantage point, it did have sort of an "examination room" feeling about it, or perhaps some sort of alien abduction scenario played out in his head. Either way, I think I would have been sort of freaked out, too.

But he quickly got over it when the bunnies came out, and the photog got his shot after about two snaps. Alex had no interest in lying on his belly and letting the bunnies sit on his back - again, I don't think the bunnies bothered him one bit, just the idea of lying on his belly in general weirded him out. But by that point, the guy looked at me and said, "We already have the shot", and I was okay with not having a "belly shot" to choose from.

In fact, I sort of wish there were only a couple of shots to choose from, but I think we had to weed a dozen great shots down to our favorite. Here is the winner:

His eyes are a little squinty (remember what I said about "bright lights") but we loved how sincere his smile is. It's really nice to have a child that is cute enough to upstage two adorable fluffy bunnies.


Joy said...

Pre-cious. You're right...that smile is so sincere. I love it!! Gosh, we need to get together!! Miss you.

Anonymous said...

wwwhhaaaa...sniff, sob...uuuuaagghhh...It's, sniff, sooooo, sooooo cute. I wish, oh how I WISH I WISH I was there in person to play with him and the bunnies.
Hoppy Easter.
granny B