Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a new 'do

We had been growing Alex's hair out for months just to see if we could find a longer style that would work on him. If we parted it just so and shellacked it just so, it looked really great...for about twelve seconds. Problem is, Alex inherited the infamous "Boettcher cowlicks", a condition that cause what I like to affectionately refer to as "guinea pig-butt hair". And that basically means that his hair swirls around and juts off in all the wrong directions and in all the wrong places. And that basically means that most days become "hide Alex's hair under a hat" days.

So the only solution to this is to let him walk around with his unruly (but not in a good way) mop top, invest in more hats, or wack all of his hair off. Since it's getting warmer outside and I'm completely on board with anything that will make Alex a little less high maintenance, we decided to go ahead and get him his summer 'do. Et voila.


momboe said...

Oh! He looks so old! So So grown up! Alex. Stop that until I get there!
I love all of his little GQ expressions and stances. He is a natural born model...Okay- maybe he was "MADE" by the millions of pictures you've had him pose for over his years.
His hair cut it Great! Did you take him out for a cut or do it yourself.
Are those his new spring clothes? Love the shoes and sweater too.
Now, how about pictures of baby 2B?
Happy St. Pat's Day.

grammy said...

Thanks B for commenting first because you said everything I wanted to say and I didn't know how. Love love the do and Oh Alex are you sure you are still just 2!!Such a big big boy.

Joy said...

oh.my.gosh. that boy is SO handsome!! auntie sarah, please convince oliver to let us put gunk in his hair and "spike it" (as he calls it). doing hair produces giant crying fits in this house...too much for me to fight about. hence oliver's lame hair. please, i need you. please. and did i mention how CUTE alex is?!?!?