Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pre-Christmas '10

Back to Christmas. We went to Peoria for Christmas this year (more on that eventually...) so we had pre-Christmas Christmas at our house with the Evanses the week before Christmas. At Christmas time. Did I mention it was Christmas?

While Isaac had a little breakfast with Poppa, Alex helped Grammy sort out the presents that Santa had left under the tree.

Isaac jumped right into the present-opening, and with a little help from Big Brother, he unwrapped all kinds of fun, new toys.

With a little help from Murphy Pup, Alex also opened lots of fun, new toys.

It appears that both boys avoided the naughty list this year, which doesn't surprise me about Isaac. Alex, on the other hand...looks like Santa let a few things slide. Whatever the case, both boys scored big time.

The grandparents didn't score quite as much, but I did make Grammy a scrapbook of her grandkids, my very first scrapbooking experience, which I enjoyed very much. I think Grammy enjoyed her scrapbook very much, too.

Timothy also got us all tickets to watch the Arkansas game from the TK suite at the American Airlines Center. The boys had a good time watching the game for a while, then found other things to do.

And that pretty much wrapped up our first Christmas celebration of '10. A week later, we packed everybody up and hopped a plane to Peoria, which I hope to post about soon. Ho ho ho!

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momboe said...

Will it ruin it for the fans if I say I LOVE my scrapbook too?!!
I'll send the rest of Christmas to you today or tomorrow.