Wednesday, January 19, 2011

End of the year events

Yeah, so it turns out the holiday season doesn't get any less busy when you have two kids. I was totally stressed by the end of the year because Timothy was working 24-7 trying to bill as many hours as possible before year's end, leaving me to single-parent two little boys, to buy, wrap and ship Christmas presents for our whole family, to design, take pictures for, print and mail Christmas cards, and attempt to maintain some semblance of a livable household.

And what is the most logical thing to do when you are completely overwhelmed by the chaos of the holidays? Host parties at your house, of course!

We had three "get-togethers" in November and December, including a Playdoh Playdate with a few of Alex's friends, we had Charlotte over decorate gingerbread houses, and we attempted to get half a dozen 3 year olds to decorate cookies without eating all of the decorations. Attempted and failed. In fact, when we explained to the kids that the objective of the party was not to see whether an entire bottle of sprinkles would fit into their mouths, they left to find something more interesting to do. Basically, the kids ended up running around the house while the moms did the cookies, so I don't have a single picture of a single child decorating a single cookie. Maybe next year...

I tried to embed a slideshow of the events from my Flickr page...another failed I have posted a few of my favorites from our gingerbread party, and you can see the rest here.

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vicki said...

I still say these two make the cutest pictures - love them