Saturday, January 22, 2011

Po' little ole Evans child

As mentioned, Isaac is now the proud owner and wearer of a fabulously stylish and flattering DOC Band. He has been wearing it for 3 days now and has been doing great.

He got used to it right away and it doesn't seem to bother him at all. In fact, the only time he seems to notice it is when he's tired and tries to rub on his head and finds a big hunk of plastic instead. At that point, he usually tries to tug it down over his face, only to discover that wherever the helmet goes, his head goes, too.

He wears it for 23 hours a day, the one hour break being bath time and helmet-cleaning time. We can only clean it with rubbing alcohol because the inside is porous and will absorb water and soap, which can irritate his baby skin. We also take it off for his neck-stretching exercises throughout the day, but he basically has it on all of the time. He sleeps fine in it, which is a huge relief, and it hasn't bothered his skin at all, aside from making his head sweat profusely.

We had to pick Alex up from school after Isaac got his helmet on Wednesday, and it felt a little weird to take him out in public the first time with his new "accessory". But it turns out that everyone knows someone who's kid had to wear a helmet, so that helped soften the blow to my ego. And the people who weren't familiar with it were nice enough to ask questions, which was much less awkward than if no one had mentioned the big, white elephant in the room. You know, the one on my kid's head?

Speaking of the big, white thing on my kid's head...I plan to do something to make it appear a little less big and a little less white, but I have no idea what. I'm sort of overwhelmed by the possibilities. The frontrunner at this point is to cover it with decals and logos and leave a big space on the back with the words, "Your ad here". Then maybe that sucker can pay for itself.


sara said...

I know someone who's daughter had one and they "blinged" it out with stick on stones and colored it with markers. She said it was a family project with older siblings. I like your sticker idea!

Joy said...

It's like he's almost even cuter with the helmet! I swear, he is one.CUTE.kid. I can't look at that little smile enough. Love him. And SO glad he's adjusted so beautifully! Would we expect anything less from him?? I think not. Love you all.

momboe said...

I totally see a white elephant when you look straight at it!!! Just add the eye and ear. The double meaning is hilarious to me:)
Or- you could paint it his hair color!
No matter what he is the cutest little thing! The last picture makes me laugh out loud.
That might have to go on my greeting cards!