Sunday, March 8, 2009

bed business

Things are still going pretty well in the big boy bed department. A is putting up a little more resistance when it comes to staying in the bed, but I've developed some strategies for dealing with his urge to jump and run. At bedtime, I turn the light off before I put him in bed, and since he can't see his toys or his books, he really has no choice but to go to sleep.

Naptime is a little more complicated, however, since daylight pours through the cracks in his blinds. I have resorted to letting him pick a few books to take into bed with him, but he will still climb out as long as I'm standing in the room. The trick is to get him in bed and under the covers, then book it out of the room before he has a chance to get up. For some reason, once I've closed that door, he gives up and goes to sleep. I guess at that point he knows Mama means business.

Now that daylight savings time is over and the sun stays up well past Alex's bedtime, we've determined we may have to invest in some drapes for his windows to keep the light out. But in general, we are very happy and proud of how well he has transitioned into his big boy bed.

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grammy said...

These pics are GREATTTTTT. But I love the very first one. I can just read his little mind saying "you just think I'm going to bed" Luv it. Luv ya'll, Grammy - Hugs and Kissess !!!!!!!!!