Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Pat's Revenge

I attempted to bring out the goofy hat and glasses that Alex so willingly donned last St. Patrick's Day, but apparently he has gotten much cooler since then and was not interested in letting me make a fool of him. I tried to explain that he would simply be expressing his holiday spirit, but he was not buying it.

So instead, we compromised, and he allowed me to dress him in a "less dorky" greenish outfit.

After a few errands, we came home and had lunch. I suppose it should have been something like potatoes and green beer, but Alex ended up having a decidedly un-Irish meal of pitas and roasted red pepper hummus, after which he developed a nasty red rash around his mouth. He's eaten it before with no problems, so I guess he's developed an allergy to hummus or roasted red peppers or the combination. That, or St. Patrick is exacting revenge from the grave and is punishing Alex by causing a volatile reaction between un-Irish hummus and Alex's 1/4 Irish blood. We'll try the hummus again another day, and if no rash appears...well, I guess next year it will be beer and potatoes.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


Joy said...

crack me up! sorry about the rash...
love the cool outfit!! wouldn't expect anything less from Alex Evans. love you guys!

Amy said...

Next year Alex needs to come here to be in the St. Pat's Parade and we'll really show him what the day is about!
We partied from 10 am to 8 pm and had very Irish Chinese food for dinner!
Looking good my man!
Granny B

Amy said...

Since he looks so good and you already have a million pictures of him why don't you just start Alex's modeling career now!

leah said...

Maybe it was Alex's way of saying:

"Please mom, dont feed me hummus or roasted red pepper...its sooooooooo gross"!!!

Just a thought :) hehe

Chatter said...

He looks adorable in his Patty's day gear. What a doll! Sorry to hear about the Strep Throat. Hope he gets better soon.

Molly & John Telford said...

ok---he looks JUST LIKE A MINI TIM! i mean, i know that is what happens when you have a son! but i sort of see leah in him too! but most importantly, you bring the sense of style to the little dude! sorry tim, but you did always lack in this department!!! q has that very same shirt and wore it on st pat day too! love his sense of style, created by you!!!