Sunday, March 1, 2009


After much guilt-tripping and arm-twisting, we finally convinced the Primms to come visit us in Dallas. To say that we were super-duper-ooper-shmooper excited about them coming would be an understatement. They drove down from NWA Thursday afternoon and arrived late that evening, which meant we had almost three full days to take advantage of.

The weekend was the perfect combination of relaxing at the house and going out to do "Dallas things", including a trip to the park, the zoo, Tim's office, church, and a few local restaurants. Tim even scored tickets for he and Seth to watch Friday night's Mavericks game from TK's posh suite at the American Airlines Center.

The Primm boys have grown so much since we last saw them, and we were reminded why we miss them so much. Oliver is such a smart, cute, sweet boy, and Alex loved to play with him. They had a great time playing together in Alex's playroom, watching videos, splashing in the bathtub, and sharing (or not sharing) their toys. As it turns out, Alex also loves babies, or at least one insanely adorable baby by the name of Sullivan Cole. He spent a lot of time on his hands and knees next to Sullivan's bouncer, chatting with him in gibberish, giving him kisses, and demonstrating all of the features of his bouncy seat.

We had an awesome weekend, although having such a great time with people that you miss so much only tends to make you miss them twice as much when they leave. I'm thinking a road trip to northwest Arkansas might be in our future.

Thanks again for visiting, Primms!! Love you guys!!


Joy said...

Great pics!!! I'm gonna have to steal a few of them. We miss you guys - had a wonderful time. It was so nice to hang out and see your life in the big D-town. You guys are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Sarah thank you for posting these great pics - what precious little boys you all have! I know what you mean about missing the Primms...I looked through your slide show twice it was so good! Mary Lou

Amy said...

What Great pictures! The boys with their duckies is timeless and priceless. You are right about visits making you miss people more. I'm quitting my job right now so I can visit all the time... uuhh....wait... okay, I'm working on how that's gonna work but that is my intention!
Miss you guys.
Granny B