Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Here's what happens when I leave my child alone in his "childproofed" bedroom for less than thirty seconds:

If I had to guess what happened based on where he was when I left him and where I found him when I rushed into his room, I'd say that he decided to climb onto the end table next to his rocking chair, then attempted to jump the one foot gap between the table and the chair and fell somewhere in between, bashing his cheek along the way.

Considering the large pile of books that were still stacked on the end table and the random ones that were scattered on the floor, I can only assume that he upped the ante by standing on top of the pile of books that were on top of the end table, and then tried to jump onto the chair, slipping on the wobbly stack of books and plummeting to the floor. Yeah, that sounds like something he would do.

I attempted to put ice on it and tried out his "Boo-boo Bunny", which is a block of plastic that you freeze and wrap a little plush bunny around, thought being that the kid will be more willing to let you mash a piece of ice into his already-tender face because it looks like a cute little bunny rabbit. Apparently the inhaler-mask-designers and the Boo-boo Bunny people are in cahoots. I'm pretty sure Alex hates bunnies now.

After a few hilarious minutes of freezing Mommy's arms and legs with the Boo-boo Bunny (Mommy hates bunnies now, too), A was back to himself. "Boo-boo" has become a regular staple in Alex's vocab as of late as he has gotten braver and/or more reckless in his daily activities. Unless I duct-tape him to my hip (which no, I'm not willing to do to save him some bumps and bruises), I just can't keep up with him. So for now I'm just hoping that these bumps are "bumps of knowledge", and that maybe next time, he'll take the books off the table before launching himself from it.


leah said...

thats AWESOME Alex!! Good bruise, buddy!! I give it a 10!

Alison said...

I'd say he looks pretty proud of the bruise! Glad he didn't hurt his eye.

My mom remembers a bruise I got on my eye by running into the air hockey table at Marrable Hill. Seems as if I was being chased by Alex's dad. I turned to look behind me and when I came back around I ran into the table. I don't remember this because I believe we were about 2 years old.

Amy said...

Chicks dig scars Alex.

Joy said...

Wow, that's a serious ouch! He looks super-tough now :)

And that story was hilarious... loved reading your rendition of what probably occurred... I'm impressed with your brave boy!

grammy said...

Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chatter said...

I have the same motto. You can only do so much to protect them and from there, you just hope they learn from their accidents. He's too cute!