Saturday, March 15, 2008

Alex Go Bragh

It's been brought to my attention (by my never Catholic husband, btw) that the Catholic church has officially rescheduled St. Patrick's Day for today so that it does not conflict with Holy Monday, March 17th, the date that St. Paddy's usually falls on. So, instead of posting this entry on Monday, as planned, I will do it now so as to observe the sanctity of the St. Patrick's holiday.

For those of you that don't know, I am 50% German and 50% Irish, while Timothy is none of either (poor guy). Now, if I am doing the math correctly, that means Alex is 1/4 German, and yes, 1/4 Irish. I feel it is important to encourage Alex to have pride in his heritage and to demonstrate his pride by donning the traditional costumes of the Irish (like shamrock sunglasses). Although he was a little apprehensive, I've explained that by enduring the humiliation of dressing up in ridiculously tacky outfits and having his picture taken and distributed to everyone he knows further demonstrates the commitment he is willing to make to his "people". Plus, it means more great black mail fodder for when he's thirteen and refuses to take out the garbage. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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