Monday, March 3, 2008

Corn Dog has a cold

Poor Alex. He managed to avoid the flu bug, but the cold bug must be much faster cuz it got him, and now it has invaded his body and mind, turning my happy-go-lucky boy into a coughing, sniffling, sneezing, wheezing, snot-filled ball of miserableness. He's trying so hard to put on a brave face, and considering the fact that he can't take any medicine other than Tylenol, he's definitely handling illness much better than his whiny, crybaby of a father ever has.

There was some whining, however. He was kind of bi-polar all day, whining to be picked up one second, then giggling and playing the next. In between, he was whining for no apparent reason whatsoever, leading me to believe that he is just miserable in general, doesn't know why, and doesn't understand why his mommy isn't doing anything about it. But all mommy can do is hug him and wipe his runny nose and pat his back when he coughs. Hopefully that counts for something.

I've also discovered that I am a complete pushover when he's sick, and that all my usual rules go out the window. For instance, when he felt like eating my IKEA catalog, I normally would say, "No, book eating is against the rules." But not today!! (Besides, it was in Spanish, and I only know French. No big loss.)

And, this morning I wanted him to take it easy, so I laid him down in front of the TV and let him watch cartoons for while. It kept him still for a record-breaking six minutes, then he was up and running around again.

Can I just say, having a sick baby is one of the hardest things about momhood so far? In fact, I think it is more miserable for mom than it is for baby. I know all the moms out there know what I mean. That said, I am praying to the dear Lord that this cold runs its course like an Olympic sprinter. Mommy needs her happy boy back...


leah said...

My poor little corn dog :( I know that last picture is sad and all, but I LOVE it!!! Im not the least bit surprised he's not as whiny as his dad!! And in the future could you please not discriminate against our Spanish speaking friends :-) hehehe :0)

Oliver said...

I feel your pain, Alex. I think I've got it too. I hope we feel better soon!

Love, Oliver

Chatter said...

Poor Alex. Seeing your kiddo's sick is a horrible feeling. Hope he kicks the cold fast! Talk to you soon :)