Friday, March 7, 2008

Illini pride, snacktime success, & the place with the stuff that you don't need

After waking me up at 5:30 this morning and chatting with himself for an hour, Alex decided to go back to sleep until 7:30. When he woke up, again, I tried to explain to him that this early-to-rise situation isn't really working for me. "How's 'bout we skip the whole 5:30 thing and just wake up for the first time at 7:30?" I asked him. He said he'd consider it, but he wasn't making any promises.

He felt like showing his Illini spirit today, despite the fact that Illinois lost their game last night. There are no fairweather fans in this household, so to demonstrate his unconditional fanhood, he decided to wear his cute new orange and blue outfit from Granny B.

Sure it's basketball season, but A was in the mood for some football. His dad thinks he'll play tight end, but today, he was more interested in center and tried to hold the ball so I could punt it into the fireplace, aka "between the uprights".

After all that activity, A was ready for a snack. We tried sweet potato puffs again, and I sat with my fingers crossed and burp rag ready, prepared for the barfage that usually follows the consumption of sweet potato puffs. This time, he snarfed those puffs by the handful, with no barfing - heck, no gagging whatsoever - to speak of. Yay!! That, folks, is called progress.

A went a little haywire after his nap yesterday afternoon, so today I decided to take him on a basically pointless errand, the only real point of said "errand" being to get Alex out of the house so he doesn't go haywire. Walgreen's seemed like a good place to go. Plenty of stuff to look at and lots of opportunities to make impulse purchases, which are my favorite kind of purchases. I was a little worried about the lack of seatbelt on the shopping cart and thought A might decide to lunge for some leopard print pantyhose or a glow-in-the-dark mousetrap (both of which I resisted the impulse to purchase) and take a nosedive onto the tile. But he was more interested in the sound of his sneakers banging against the cart to notice too much else.

I did buy a couple of things for his Easter basket. I distracted him with the good ol', "Look over there! Is that Spongebob Squarepants?!" and slipped the gifts into the cart. He didn't suspect a thing.

He was in a stellar mood the rest of the afternoon, even surviving a Walmart run with dad later in the day, so it appears that my plan worked. Walgreen's sure is gonna get sick of seeing us every day...


Chatter said...

Well Sarah you are going to have to come visit now. Conner just said "I want to play with him" while we looked at his pictures. Too cute. Sorry about the early mornings... thankfully Conner sleeps normally until seven (although some days it's 6:45). Good luck! He's so cute!

Oliver said...

Love the Illini outfit! Too cute. Alex's smile is just priceless. And I love how he's holding the ball for you to "kick through the uprights" totally looks like he's doing that!

P.S. People actually use those shopping cart seat belts??!?