Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Eve

Saturday. A woke up at 7, ate breakfast, then set off to explore every square inch of Grandma B's house (the inches below three feet, at least). He tugged all the electrical cords to make sure they were all securely attached to something, then proceeded to unattach them. He tested all the buttons of Grandpa B's vast collection of remote controls, giving extra attention to the pause, volume, and power ones. He even tasted a few for good measure. He also discovered that hardwood floors are more slippery than carpet, and that soft, cushy ottomans are great for cruising on, while hard, sharp-edged blanket chests are not.

All that exploring left him exhausted and ready to relax, so he and G'ma read a book together.

After his nap, he got dressed for the day and was ready to wreak more havoc. And don't let his innocent "Who me?" face fool ya. This kid can cause some real damage if you're not careful. (Btw, notice front tooth #3 has revealed itself and is now neck and neck with his goofy "Dracula fangs".)

After wreaking havoc, he reeked some more. This time a stinky, blow-out diaper was to blame, hence the wardrobe change.

Uncle Nick drove down from Chicago in the afternoon, so the two of them got some rare bonding time.

A bath was in order, considering the stinky blow-out and all, plus I wanted Alex to be extra squeaky clean for Easter.

We let him flop around in Mom and Dad's big tub, which he loved.

Mom and I chuckled as he tried to figure out how to get water from the spout into his mouth. He tried to put his face directly in the stream and succeeded only in getting water up his nose.

Finally, he discovered that his hand could be used to divert water towards his mouth. I'm not sure how much he actually drank, but it sure was entertaining to watch him try.

Finally, it was time to put Alex to bed so that the Easter Bunny could assemble baskets and hide eggs. Although having a child of my own has bumped my rank to "Easter Bunny's apprentice", there is still only one real Easter Bunny in my mom's house. So once I helped as much as Ms. Bunny would allow, she sent me to bed so that I, too, would have a few surprises awaiting me Easter morning.


Oliver said...

This kid....man....he gets cuter and cuter every time you blog. I'm serious. I can't get over it. Stinkin' CUTE.

ps. thanks for the date change. you weren't foolin' no one... ;)

leah said...

Him so cute!! :) and him needs to see is Auntie L!!

Alison said...

Alex, you are just too cute! You do not know me, but me and your daddy were friends when we were just babies in El Dorado. It is so fun for me to catch up on old friends and now "watch" their kids growing up through the blog-world!
Alison (Gillaspie) Kerr

Chuck said...

aauughghghgh! Alex withdrawllll....nneee.e.eddd...new blogg...nnnooww...

Amy said...

I don't know why I came up
Chuck, (aahh! I said Up-Chuck!) but it's
Granny B who is literally dying to see you guys already!