Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cruising and Oozing

Just a quick update on Alex's snot. He still has it. Lots of it. So I finally called the nurse this morning and she said we should bring him in to see the doc since his cough and runny nose have persisted for over a week now. The doc's diagnosis: A has the lingering symptoms of a bad cold and a couple of minor ear infections. At bedtime tonight, he was doped to the gills, including some Amoxicillin for his ears, saline drops for his nose, Motrin for his throat and teeth, Vicks Vaporub on his chest and feet, and topical steroids for his excema.

And if that isn't enough to make my little snookums miserable, I just discovered that he has at least two more teeth coming in. And if having two more teeth coming in isn't bad enough, it's the two teeth outside of his top front teeth that have made their way through his gums, a configuration that is sure to make him look nothing short of absolutely ridiculous.

The good news is, he is still a happy boy most of the time, albeit a slimy, sticky, icky, oozy one. Maybe a little more whiny than usual, but this sickness has not slowed him down a bit. If anything, he is more active than he ever has been, pulling himself up on everything he can get his hands on and cruising from one piece of furniture to another. In fact, he pushed a little picnic bench across the kid's reading area at Barnes & Noble yesterday. Seriously. Stood behind it with his hands on the seat and walked it across the room. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you want video. I'll see what I can do...

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hillarykey said...

I am totaly sypmathisizing with you!! Wilson is getting 3 teeth at once. His fang teeth and one middle front. I guess he wants to look like a red-neck dracula. Anyhow, we are snotty and coughing. I guess it is going around.