Friday, March 21, 2008


We watched Oliver Wednesday morning while Seth and Joy were at work. Alex went down for his morning nap around the same time that Oliver arrived, so the two of them exchanged high fives in passing as I carted Alex off to bed. Timothy was home because of spring break, so O was pretty excited to spend some time with his "Tim-tim".

Alex slept forever, so eventually we took the party upstairs so I could do some laundry and start packing for our trip to Peoria (more on that later) while we waited for him to wake up. As long as Oliver was there we decided to put him to work, you know, to earn his keep and all.

We folded and hung up every piece of laundry in the house and Alex still wasn't up, so O and I looked at pictures on the computer, where he proceeded to name each and every person he knew, at times identifying people by little more than their fingertips.

Then we made him try on Alex's aviator shades. He got a kick out of seeing himself in the mirror and kept saying "Mo', mo" so I would hold him up and let him check himself out again and again.

Finally Alex woke up and we all went in to get him. After a quick diaper change, A and O crawled around on the floor for a bit before we went downstairs to have lunch.

Oliver had cheese, crackers, and yogurt while Alex drank his bottle and ate his weight in pineapple puffs.

We had a little time to kill after lunch before it was time for Oliver's nap, so we decided to get our creative juices flowing and pulled out the colored pencils.

Oliver pretty much had things figured out, but Alex wasn't quite sure what the point was and alternated between chewing on the pencils and holding them above his head. Rather than accept the fact that he probably isn't ready for drawing yet, I'm just gonna assume that he is choosing to express himself through the art of performance. Yeah, that's it.

O took his nap, then shortly after, Alex went down for his. Joy came just before Oliver woke up, so we got a little grown up time in before the kiddos woke up and took over the joint. Then the Primms left, and I had no excuse not to finish packing for our trip. The plan was to leave Fayetteville Thursday morning, get to Peoria Thursday evening, and stay through Easter. Stay tuned - the 8 hour car ride alone is sure to warrant some interesting blog posts...

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Oliver said...

Oh no....I'm scared to hear the details of the trip and how the weekend plans have changed...

What a fun post! Oliver is so lucky to have such a wonderful god-family. I think I will just post a link to this post on my blog, so my readers can see Oliver's fun day without me having to replicate the good job you already did of telling about the day. Looks like you guys had so much fun! Oliver LOVES you guys as much as Seth and me, I think. I don't know what we're going to do when you move...ugh...