Sunday, March 30, 2008

Never too prepared

Alex wanted to look especially dapper for Community Group tonight because Miss McKenzie would be there, and we all know how A likes to impress the laaaadies. So we pulled out the ol' camo cord blazer from Grammy and Poppa and his flyest jeans, popped his collar, and tousled his hair for a "looks good without trying" style.

I think his strategy worked, because McKenzie and Alex seemed to enjoy each other's company and held cryptic conversations throughout much of the evening.

A actually got to play with a dog who didn't run away at the sight of him. The Mosts dog Barkley was a little less intimidated by Alex than Murphy is, although I can't possibly imagine why...

Alex was pretty good throughout our lesson, although his increased mobility and vocalization has made it a little harder to keep him entertained and quiet during group. Despite the piles of toys and snacks I brought for him, he was more interested in getting stuck under the coffee table, climbing the fireplace hearth, playing with Barkley's dog toys, and chewing on Kara's watch.

This last image pretty much sums up my life as a mom/pack mule. Bear in mind, I have one child, and our meeting was an hour and a half long. After laughing at my expense (not that I blamed her), Robin convinced me that this moment needed to be documented. I agreed.


Oliver said...

How did I miss the camo blazer last night??? That thing is AWESOME!! What a rockin' little stud muffin. Barkley actually looks a little scary in that picture - to everyone who sees this, Barkley is the SWEETEST, most gentle dog you will ever meet. Period. We all love him. I loved it when he licked Alex's face. Also, that last pic makes me laugh. You look super cute in it, btw.

Anonymous said...

You are definitely the blog master! Alex did look like one awesome STUD MUFFIN! McKenzie and I loved the popped collar. We should have gotten some better pictures of him and McKenzie. I guess we got too focused on keeping her quiet during group and trying to avoid her rolling under people's feet the whole time. Oh well, next time! You look great in that last pic and I only laughed because I have been there!!! Great to see you guys!


Chad, Shara, and Kayla said...

Looks like ya'll have a good time. I miss hangin with ya'll. I'm impressed that ya'll bring the babies. We have a babysitter at another home to keep them. You looked really cute in the last pic. Who would think that a little baby would need so much stuff. I'm off every Thursday, so contact me if you can get together for a play date.