Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So much Alex, so little time

Grammy and Poppa came up this past weekend for the shortest visit ever, but somehow still managed to pack in tons of Alex fun. Between the time they arrived at 10:30 Saturday night and the time they left at 8:00 Sunday night, we did the following:

G and P gave Alex some plush Sesame Street characters and a plastic chicken from Mamaw Meador that sounds like a duck when you squeeze him (which Alex loves but Murphy might love even more).

Timothy and Grammy went and got us breakfast from McD's, Grammy fed Alex, then played with him when he was done eating three pounds of peach puffs and started eating his feet.

Grammy and I took Alex to get some new 12-18 month jeans from Old Navy (not pictured) while the boys stayed at the house (not pictured). Grammy, Alex, and I killed time at PetSmart while we waited for the boys to get dressed so they could meet us for lunch.

We met at McAlister's for lunch where we fed Alex pickles and lemons and were sorely disappointed when he had no reaction other than to beg for more (and proved, once again, that he is definitely his mama's child). Then he distracted Poppa with his cuteness and tried to steal his watch.

After naptime we went to Community Group at the Primms, where Grammy and Poppa agreed to monitor the boys while we had our meeting. Despite some toy stealing and eye gouging, the boys had a good time, and I think Grammy and Poppa did, too.

We worked up an appetite during CG, so we ended the evening of fellowship at Mad Pizza.

Grammy and Poppa headed home at 8 after saying their goodnights and goodbyes, ending the shortest visit ever with the most stuff packed into it. Hopefully next time they can stay at least 24 hours, considering it takes them half that long to get here. But what can I say - when Grammy needs her Alex fix, by golly, she's gonna get it!

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Quinn said...

OK....a couple of things.... 1st, I can't believe Quinn missed out on an afternoon of toy stealing and eye gouging. I think she really could have given Hudson a run for his money. 2nd, MAD PIZZA?? You guys know Quinn LOVES her some Mad Pizza! OK, so whose idea was that.....because Quinn has some choice words for that someone for not informing her that going out for pizza was included in last Sunday's CG. And 3rd, I love Alex's Easter pics! From his little hat, to his adorable pants, and then all the way to the pink tie. I have to know who his stylist is. Or did Alex hire a personal shopper? Or are they the same thing? Either way......CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!